The Main Structure Of Our HTML Document

<html> HTML Tag
This is the first tag on the page. It tells the browser (the program that people use to view web pages, e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) that this document is written in HTML. There are other languages used on the Internet, so it is essential to tell the browser what language we are using.
We will put <html> right at the start of the page, and </html> right at the end.
Everything else in the document is within this one HTML element. Actually, as we will learn later, there is another tag or two that should come before the HTML tag. That is called the „Doctype“ tag and tells the browser what kind of HTML we use in our document.
As the HMTL language is constantly evolving, we need to tell the browser what type of HTML we have used and how it should read the document.

<head> Head Tag
This encloses the head of the document, which contains extra information about the document itself.
For example, the head may contain information about the title of the page, whether the page is written in English or some other language, and it may contain a description and keywords about our page that can be useful for search engines to get an overview of our document.
We will learn about tags that can come in the head later (see meta, link, style and script tags). For now, let’s look at the title tag…

<title> Title Tag
This allows us to give a title to the page, which is usually displayed in the top left-hand corner of the browser. For example:

<title>A very great web page</title>

<body> Body Tag
The body of the page contains all the text, pictures, links and so on – the bit that people actually see when they look at your page.

The Structure Of Our Page So Far
Using the tags we’ve already looked at, we have the start of a page structure, into which will go all our content – the interesting bits of writing, images, video files, or whatever we want to put into our page.

Here is the structure of our page so far, with some example text:

<title>A very great web page</title>
All of our excellent content goes here.

Simple isn’t it?
Try it out by saving this code in your text editor and then opening the file in your browser. You will see a very simple web page. The title of the page will be displayed at the top of the browser window: „A very great web page“. The text, „All of our excellent content goes here“, will appear in the main body of the page. So we now need to know the way in which to mark up our content – the bit in between the body tags…